Brian Craig

“The Queen is dead! Long live the Queen!” I never really understood that phrase until I heard the story of Brian Craig. You see, Brian Craig has died three times over the course ...+Read More

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly (born 3 November 1978 in York, England) is an international chess player. Although born in England, he moved to Limerick, Republic of Ireland when he was 2 years old, and later to ...+Read More

Bryce Remsburg

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. +Read More

Paul Triggiani

Key: 1. Me This is me, as represented by a cheap Fischer-Price action figure from the seventies. I altered him to reflect my preferred wardrobe styling. Note how his arm hangs at an angle, much ...+Read More

Samantha Russell

Likes: pickles, The Simpsons, Alkaline Trio, Burts Bees, Disney World, clean teeth, coupons, cats, church carnivals, sushi Dislikes: cold weather, mayonnaise, spiders, Nascar, leggings, Ocean City NJ, waking up early, parmesan cheese, traffic, Will ...+Read More

Steve Thorne

Steve Thorne (born 1967) is a British linguist and writer. Born in Birmingham, England, Thorne graduated from the University of Birmingham with a First Class Honours degree in English in 2000 and a PhD ...+Read More